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We are very proud of our approachable, personal service and think you will agree.

Thank You For Supporting a Small Business and Fellow Geocacher

ATMAtags provides a full service. All you need to provide is some sort of concept or idea to get us started.
If you would like to speak with us, please fill out and submit the form below. We don't spam or sell your information.
We will get back to you ASAP to help you get started on your coin.
ATMAtags are small coins which measure about 1 inch across and are used for signature, trade or event coins. We have produced ATMAtags that are Groundspeak trackable and will do them for you too.
All artwork is done in house and we totally understand minting!

We also produce larger, round, irregular shaped and two sided coins.
Below are just a few of the coins that we have produced.
See the "Trackable Coins" page for some of our larger, trackable coins.
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Signature Coins
Special Event Coins
Special Cache Coins and Designs
In A Rush?
We usually receive your order 15 days after you approve the final design... Now, that is FAST!
We are very active Geocachers and go by the name ATMA.
Maybe we have even cached your area.
Our name was created using the first letter of each of our grandkids names at the time we found our first cache.
A Small Sample Of Our Work
A few of our coins were photographed floating in front of a window in the International Space Station. It shows some of the outside of the ISS and has the Earth in the background.
We are excited that our ATMAtags took a flight to the International Space Station! How cool is that?
The coins are attached inside the ISS and circling the Earth at a whopping 17,500 MPH. Some will stay there and some will return to Earth.
Another of our coins is attached to the overhead storage in the airlock but as of date, we can't get a photo of it.
We will post photos as we receive them.
Double Sided ATMAtags
Embroidered Patches
Wow, Cool! I Found One Of These... Now What?
It is yours to keep. Isnt that nice? You might want to drop the owner a note and say thanks.
Of course you could pass it to someone else or leave it in another cache but more than likely you will want to keep it for your collection.
Same Both Sides
Be sure to visit our
Trackable Coin
Be sure to visit our
Trackable Coin
Lapel Pins
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Double Sided Key Chain
Groundspeak Trackable
Coin is 1.5" Tall
What is the procedure? Here are the steps involved in making your coin.

1. You pay me a retainer for the design to be created. Designs are produced in house unless you have your own design               needing no changes. This can even be done via PayPal. No art charge applies if you already have your own artwork.
2. We work with you on the design until it is what you want. After your design is completed, it is yours whether we mint your            coin or not, provided you have paid us for the art already.
3. Coins are then priced based on their actual cost. This is the most fair way of pricing your custom coins.
4. The final price of your coins is sent to you, along with your new design, for approval.
5. You send payment for the order.
6. In about 15 days from receiving your payment, your coin is finished, inspected, counted and boxed for shipping.
7. Your coins are sent to you via Prioirty Mail, insured for the value.
8. You receive your coins in a few days.
Southeast Texas Cachers
Key Chains are typically 30mm diameter
but can be any size you like.
Double Sided Event Coin
Slaying Cancer Geocoin
It is a whopping 3" wide hunk of Stainless Steel and is Trackable with Custom Icon!
This coin was used as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
ATMA & OHL Hockey Guy
TheTaterTot has a coin
with a great view of Earth
ATMA and OHL Hockey Guy coins with
the Earth in the background
ATMAtags In Space
Scroll to the bottom to see photos of some
of our ATMAtags In Space!